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Suggested Full Day Tours

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These are tailor-made tours. The itineraries below are just a suggestion.

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Full Day Tour #1: Rio's highlights

We’ll start the day going all the way up to the summit of Corcovado Mountain to visit the Christ statue.

After enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the city, we’ll drive through the forest to reach the district of Barra da Tijuca. From Barra we’ll have a panoramic tour along the most famous beaches of Rio to reach the second most visited attraction in Rio.

At Sugarloaf we’ll board the Swiss made cable car that will take us to the peak of the mountain to enjoy the city views from a different perspective.

Full Day Tour #2: Private tour to a secluded beach in Rio

This tour will take you to the best well kept secret of Rio; Prainha Beach. A surfer’s paradise situated 40
kilometers away from Copacabana, this place is a true jewel located inside an environmentally protected area and surrounded by mountains covered with lush vegetation. 

After sunbathing and swimming at Prainha, we may have lunch at a typical seafood restaurant situated at the mountain top enjoying the stunning view of Guaratiba bay mangrove area.

An even more secluded place can be added to this tour. Nearby there is a sequence of 4 beaches (Perigoso, Meio, Funda and Inferno beaches) reachable only by boat.

These beaches are almost deserted because there’s no car access to them. Over there the Atlantic Forest vegetation reaches the sand and it’s quite common to find no one at all at the beach.

Full Day Tour # 3 Petropolis

This tour mixes culture, history and scenic views.  Petropolis is a lovely mountain retreat distant only 70 km from Rio, making it an ideal day trip.

The tour starts with a quick drive downtown Rio, where we’ll see many places that will be represented on paintings exhibited at the Imperial Museum, along with the crown jewels, furniture, and tapestries from the imperial times.

We’ll reach the quiet and charming town of Petropolis with its cobblestone flower-lined streets, antique horse drawn carriages and old-fashioned street lamps by riding a steep, scenic mountain road through lush subtropical vegetation, one of the most beautiful drives in Brazil.

In Petropolis, besides the museum, we’ll visit the St Peter’s Cathedral and the Crystal Palace.

Lunch at one of the many fantastic local restaurants may be added to the tour.

Full Day Tour #4 Amazing Waterfals
This is a full day tour especially designed for nature lovers and for those who want to escape the high temperatures of Rio. These waterfalls are located 50 miles away from Rio, in within the boundaries of Serra dos Orgaos National Park.  This is also a very interesting tour for bird watchers. The trails at the National Park offer great photo opportunities.
Our first stop will be at the Guapimirin entrance of the National Park. Over there we’ll be able to swim at 2 different amazing natural pools created by the crystal clear waters of the Soberbo River.
The first poll is next to the Park road.
To reach the other pool we’ll hike 10 minutes through a flat trail opened in the middle of the tropical forest. The trail ends at a tunnel formed by some gigantic boulders and at the other end of the tunnel there is the Poco Verde pool.
After renewing our energy at these waterfalls we’ll drive 10 miles on the highway that leads to Teresopolis and stop for some pictures at a viewpoint surrounded by mountains where on a clear day is possible to see the mountains of Rio at the distance.
From there we’ll go to the main entrance of the National Park located in Teresopolis and take a ½ mile walk on a suspended trail through the forest canopy to observe some of the local fauna and flora. This trail ends at another waterfall of the Paquequer River, where we may have another shower.
As an option for tours with kids, there is also a large river water public swimming pool in the park, surrounded by stone picnic tables and playgrounds.
To wrap up the day we may have lunch at a typical German restaurant that brews its own bear in the premises.
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